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evil isn't born it's made
The Chandler To My Joey
The Cameron To My Naomi
Reigns To My Roman
The Kaitlyn To My AJ

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♥ Alex Riley - Eminem - Jon Bernthal - Chris Jericho - Alberto Del Rio - Roman Reigns - Seth Rollins - WWE - The Walking Dead - Mob Wives - Golden Girls - Hot In Cleveland ♥

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So sweet She sat next to him on the plane home. 😍😍😍😍
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"I want to raise the bar, to be the actual best performer, to be the best man possible, to be the biggest WWE superstar the world’s ever seen." - Roman Reigns

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THEME 53  {by londonps}

live preview - code

  • don’t copy, don’t use as a base, don’t post it as your own, and NEVER remove the credits;
  • if you have any problems, contact me in ask; like/reblog or ask if you use the theme.

about the theme:

  • one column;
  • post size: 500px;
  • 7 custom links;
  • sidebar images: 150x150px and 150x150px;
  • contains a search bar;
  • the bold text is colored;
  • everything in the theme, you can changing in the customize.
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Michael Cole : {….} You do realize that if you beat Stephanie at Summerslam, that you still work for her, that she’s still your boss and you’re still going to have to go to Monday Night RAW the next night and deal with the consequences.. Are you prepared to deal with these consequences if you beat Stephanie ?

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Made by - #316.psd - Download here

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